of the PostalPitch Competition on April 4th at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Arlington (VA), USA

ZigZag Global

Winner PostalPitch Award | USA 2018

ZigZag Global is a software solution to help ecommerce retailers manage returns globally. ZigZag uses predictive analytics to understand the most cost effective and energy efficient route to work out if a retailer should hold and resell returned products in local markets or bring them back via consolidation. Our mission is to help retailers become more sustainable whilst cutting costs by up to 50% and improving the speed of customer refunds by getting stock back in the supply chain more quickly.


Slimbox is a machine that cuts perfectly fitted packaging out of flat sheets of corrugated. You just need to enter the dimensions, select the model of box you like and put a cardboard in the machine. 

Upsell Direct

Upsell Direct is a start-up utilizing special tags and patented Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to help retailers/manufacturers create additional opportunities for selling personalized related products after their product has been shipped and received, extending every product’s life cycle and every customer’s initial sales encounter.


PostTag directs drivers precisely to the right front door, first time. Without getting lost, without searching for addresses and without darkness slowing them down. PostTag “tags” 3 digits onto the end of a postcode (the British term for zipcode) to make that postcode “front-door accurate”. The postcode gets you to the vicinity, then the PostTag gets you to the right front door.


ODYN measures the operational dynamics of customer’s supply chains to identify waste, improve performance, and reduce variability. To achieve cost-effectiveness at scale, we developed a low-cost pallet tracking solution ($5-15 per tracker) that substitutes Cellular and GPS functions of typical asset trackers with Wi-Fi, allowing for both geolocation and communication at a significantly lower price point. This cost reduction allows for integration of other sensors, such as temperature, humidity, and motion, while still keeping unit economics feasible for large-scale deployments. 


udelv has created the world’s first autonomous delivery vehicle. This new technology promises to cut the cost of last-mile deliveries in half.  With a customizable cargo space offering a payload capacity of over 700lbs and 18 automated compartments carrying up to 50 grocery bags, this fully electric vehicle is built to improve peoples’ lives by making delivery easier. 


Motogo is a startup using robotics and autonomous delivery vehicles for secure and efficient, pickup and delivery of goods. Our system enables fully automated shipping and delivery. We employ standardized, secured, intelligent, connected and reusable shipping packages. By using standardized anchor points and anchor point interfaces, packages can be physically secured the entire path, from origin to destination. The system also supports anytime delivery and pick up.

At, we're creating an AI-based platform for automation and optimization of last-mile parcel delivery. Our intelligent software platform enables e-tailers and last-mile delivery operations to enhance the consumer post-purchase experience and gain critical insights without sacrificing operational efficiency. The system autonomously interacting with consumers at every touch-point of the delivery life-cycle, while performing real-time, personalized and predictive cost analysis for delivery times and locations.