Be among the first to identify startups, new technologies and opportunities


Postal, logistics and supply chain industries face constantly changing and evolving customer and market demands. New technologies, automation, digitization and other trends and developments require the industry to be innovative and agile. PostalPitch (PP) was launched to connect companies in the postal, logistics and supply chain sectors with StartUps, thus helping them to identify new solutions and opportunities. Previous startup events were organized at Post-Expo in Geneva in October 2017 or at Postalvision in the US in April 2018.

Become a member of PostalPitch and analyze emerging startups, pre-select startups for our PostalPitch startup competitions, be a judge at our final live events and be a member of a unique startup platform for the postal and logistics sector.

We can organize for our members customized events, for which we will invite startups to pitch their solutions, products and ideas and thus create unique opportunities to analyze those startups and lay the foundation for a possible cooperation. In such concentrated, exclusive sessions postal and logistics companies have the opportunity to thoroughly examine startups and their solutions and to evaluate benefits of a possible partnership.

Membership Packages


We propose several membership levels, corresponding to different needs of involvement. 

Membership is on an annual basis, but we provide the possibility to sign up until the end of 2018 at a discounted rate. Below discounted 2018 membership levels are valid until the end of 2018 and provide special benefits for our next PostalPitch startup competition and startup day at Post-Expo, taking place on October 9th in Hamburg, Germany.